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Bhikkilal’s is a world-renowned brand known for its sparkling sharbat with its unique taste and rustic charm. The company was founded in 1895 in Ajmer by Late Seth Sahab Shri Bhikkilal Ji, with his brother Late Seth Sahab Shri Chhotaylal Ji. The brand Bhikkilal’s believes in innovating, thus creating a taste that's uniquely their own. Renowned for its stylish and modern packaging design, we continue to make use of the best quality raw materials and technology to create some of the most delicious sharbat that have never been tasted before. Bhikkilal’s product range includes a large variety of sharbat flavors made using different fruits and flowers, with all-natural ingredients. Currently, the brand’s legacy is being carried forward by its 5th-generation guardians who continue to further the legacy of their forefathers by delivering a product that warms the heart and fulfills the soul!

In its quest to fulfill the objective of bringing joy to people’s lives, Bhikkilal’s has invented many truly memorable recipes that are easy on the tongue and give you a fresh taste every time you take a sip.

About the founder

It all started in a small shop tucked away in Madar Gate in 1895.

Step into the streets of Ajmer to hear the captivating tale of Bhikkilal's - A Legacy since 1895. For over a century, this renowned brand has delighted taste buds with its authentic flavored Syrups. It all began at a small Paan Shop on Madar Gate during British Rule, where the Late Shri Bhikkilal Ji and Shri Chhotaylal Ji embarked on a journey that would shape the destiny of taste.

From generation to generation, the legacy of Bhikkilal's has endured, captivating the palates of all ages. Their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality have propelled them to become a world-renowned name in the Sharbat industry. Today, under the stewardship of the fifth-generation owners, Bhikkilal's continues to thrive, pushing the boundaries of flavor and captivating discerning taste buds.

Every sip of Bhikkilal’s Sharbat tells a story of passion, authenticity, and the harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. From its iconic Lemon Soda to an array of enticing Sharbat varieties, the brand has mastered the art of crafting flavors that transcend time. Each bottle is a testament to their commitment to excellence and the celebration of taste.

From the streets of Ajmer to your glass, their legacy lives on.

FROM 1895 T0 2023

Our Journey

Our Vision

Our goal is to enhance the lives of individuals worldwide by providing them with top-notch products. We aspire to share the essence of our childhood flavors with the rest of the world.

Our Mission

From cities to countryside, our products by your side - Available all across India!"

Our Integrity And Principles Are Our Identity And Define who we are

Bhikkilal Chhotaylal Agrawal